F100X – Introduction

7 years ago I had a thought… why not take a GMC Syclone or Typhoon and use the chassis to create a cool AWD classic truck. I even found a wrecked Typhoon at an insurance auction but thought twice about re-purposing such a rare vehicle. So I stumbled upon a 1953 Ford panel truck, originally owner by the Hershey Hotel and used as a laundry truck. The price was right and the rust aplenty! I then started thinking about the Ford Explorer… from 1995 – 2000 you could get the Explorer in V8 trim with AWD and 4-wheel disc brakes, not a bad platform. Oh, and the wheelbase and track width is almost identical to the 53-56 F100! Actually the wheelbase is slightly longer (3/4″) and centers the front wheels better in the fenders so win-win.

So that’s how this wacky project got it’s start. Will be documenting the build process here and with any luck it will turn out to be a nice cruiser.

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Brake job on the C20 – Clean and paint with Eastwood 2K Aero-Spray

When the truck rolled off the trailer, the passenger side rear brake drum was frozen. With any vehicle that has been sitting for some time, this is to be expected. I scored some killer deals on brake parts from Auto Zone (listed on this site and our FB page), and got to work blasting, wire wheeling and painting the parts with Eastwood’s 2k Aero-Spray Chassis Black in a satin finish. Disclaimer: I work for Eastwood and may be a little biased, but check the reviews on their website and know I value my reputation and would not steer you wrong.

Project Shop Truck is a simple “shop truck” which I am building to haul parts and tools as I score them on CraigsList or the local swap meet. Plans are to get it road worthy, shake it out and then plan some modifications as I go. A driveway respray is in order eventually, and maybe even a BBC transplant from a Suburban or C-20 complete with power steering and front disc brake. Any other ideas???

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Introducing Project Shop Truck

Everyone needs a pickup truck, why not a classic truck? I hate buying a truck and have it depreciate so an 80’s or 90’s 1/2 ton pickup was out of the question. Something from the 60’s fits the bill, I will get it on the road, keep it running and I should not lose money right? We will see how that works out.

I am working from a 2-car garage in the ‘burbs so it’s gonna be a budget build with some cool tips and tricks along the way. The goal it to show you ways to achieve a professional result on a driveway build.

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