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Making a living on eBay by selling classic car parts?!?!

I have know Dave Lehr for over 10 years, and in that time he has built a profitable business, www.classicjunkyard.com where he buys junk cars and parts them out on eBay. He even wrote a book. This audio recording was a precursor to the book, but offers a great introduction to Dave and what he is about. If you think you would like to sell car parts on eBay, or really ANYTHING on eBay, you owe it to yourself to checkout Dave’s book. Click Here To Buy The Book on Amazon

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F100X – Introduction

7 years ago I had a thought… why not take a GMC Syclone or Typhoon and use the chassis to create a cool AWD classic truck. I even found a wrecked Typhoon at an insurance auction but thought twice about re-purposing such a rare vehicle. So I stumbled upon a 1953 Ford panel truck, originally owner by the Hershey Hotel and used as a laundry truck. The price was right and the rust aplenty! I then started thinking about the Ford Explorer… from 1995 – 2000 you could get the Explorer in V8 trim with AWD and 4-wheel disc brakes, not a bad platform. Oh, and the wheelbase and track width is almost identical to the 53-56 F100! Actually the wheelbase is slightly longer (3/4″) and centers the front wheels better in the fenders so win-win.

So that’s how this wacky project got it’s start. Will be documenting the build process here and with any luck it will turn out to be a nice cruiser.

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Brake job on the C20 – Clean and paint with Eastwood 2K Aero-Spray

When the truck rolled off the trailer, the passenger side rear brake drum was frozen. With any vehicle that has been sitting for some time, this is to be expected. I scored some killer deals on brake parts from Auto Zone (listed on this site and our FB page), and got to work blasting, wire wheeling and painting the parts with Eastwood’s 2k Aero-Spray Chassis Black in a satin finish. Disclaimer: I work for Eastwood and may be a little biased, but check the reviews on their website and know I value my reputation and would not steer you wrong.

Project Shop Truck is a simple “shop truck” which I am building to haul parts and tools as I score them on CraigsList or the local swap meet. Plans are to get it road worthy, shake it out and then plan some modifications as I go. A driveway respray is in order eventually, and maybe even a BBC transplant from a Suburban or C-20 complete with power steering and front disc brake. Any other ideas???

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Introducing Project Shop Truck

Everyone needs a pickup truck, why not a classic truck? I hate buying a truck and have it depreciate so an 80’s or 90’s 1/2 ton pickup was out of the question. Something from the 60’s fits the bill, I will get it on the road, keep it running and I should not lose money right? We will see how that works out.

I am working from a 2-car garage in the ‘burbs so it’s gonna be a budget build with some cool tips and tricks along the way. The goal it to show you ways to achieve a professional result on a driveway build.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow along!

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Eastwood Plasma 60 Plasma Cutter Review

Yes, I spend my daytime hours at Eastwood as their Product Marketing Manager, but I love this tool and in an effort to dive in to doing video product reviews, why not review a tool that is already in my garage and I use on an almost weekly basis?

For those of you who are not familiar with a plasma cutter, it’s basically a super high temp ball of fire which is thrust through whatever you are attempting to cut through by compressed air.  It’s a primal feeling to be able to slice through aluminum, steel and other metals with such ease.  Watch…


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The best Craigslist Car AD ever?

We all loved creative writing in high school right? No? Well Caitlin sure did and she put her skills to good use when writing a Craigslist ad to sell her 2013 GMC 2500 Denali. It’s a great read, a little over the top, but her closing line is the best… “Skip the dealership, all you will get there is a long-winded sales pitch.” Full Text below.







2013 GMC 2500 Denali. $45,000. Below Blue Book!!!! Why you ask? This truck may be more loaded than an Irishman in a whiskey-drinking contest, but it is no Sunday driver. It is a ¾ ton, 4-wheel drive, luxury work horse and it was cast from smelted bullet casings and stealth fighters by God’s own iron fist to be rode hard and put away wet. It may have a couple of scratches on it but that is ok. And do you know why? Because it’s a truck. And you’re a man. And together you are Maximus Meridius from Gladiator. And while women may swoon at your kind hard heart and gentile touch, underneath it all you are a BAMF who doesn’t back down from a fight and you have the scars to prove it. Because you sweat pure gasoline, and bleed oil and all you need is your 360hp Vortec chariot to get you to the promise land.

Your boats and snow machines are nothing but a light snack for this 6-speed auto, HD, demon-powered towing machine. With its Z71 Off-road package, you can enter dirt track races while towing your 17,800-lb life-size robot collection and a hot tub full of topless super models, and still win. All while outrunning the cops and mowing down zombies with your Mack truck-resembling chrome front bumper.

More technologically advanced than the Starship Enterprise, this truck will transport you in style while trusting you with all of its secrets. Wondering what your oil pressure is but don’t want go outside to check? Simply consult your smartphone and unveil everything you desire to know. Tire pressure, engine temperature, gas level, oil pressure, can all be summoned and accessible to you alone at the touch of your fingertip. Your friends will start to wonder how you became so wise and the Oracle from the Matrix will be calling to ask you for advice.

With its 6.0 liter V8, this truck will transport you to your destination faster than you can say Bad Mother Fu@#er and will arrive with about the subtlety of a tectonic plate shifting during the 1964 earthquake. Yes people will stare, my friend. Because you are always the winner in the reaux sham beaux that is your life; because rock trumps scissors, paper trumps rock, but a swift kick to the balls trumps paper, every time.

The rear automatic sliding glass window allows you to make sure that the grizzly you killed with your bare hands hasn’t come back to life. Or the sled you loaded up to high mark Mt McKinley hasn’t budged an inch. Since your 6 1/2′ bed is Rhino Lined with ¼” of near bullet-proof rubber, your big boy toys will be safely transported to the fiery inferno’s of hell and back, because that is where you go to play.

But what about the interior you ask? Hundreds of lambs died an honorable death to effectuate leather soft enough to make-up this hulk’s supple interior. The climate can be controlled to subliminal perfection by the shear omnipotent power in your callused right hand. The perpetually-complaining-about-the-cold woman in your life will be happy to know that heat can be generated at the touch of a button that will literally light a fire under her ass. In addition to heated (and cooled) seats, it’s power can be summoned from anywhere on the planet; it’s 8 powerful pistons coaxed into roaring to life for you alone, because you are the Lone Ranger, but Silver has nothing on this faithful steed. Sitting in the command center of this 2013 batmobile black, panty-dropping stallion, you will have more features at your fingertips than that kid David in “Flight of the Navigator,” but you will look like a lot less of a douche, because you aren’t flying a talking space ship 3 yards from the ground. You’re Han Solo, flying the Millennium Falcon, and The Force is for pussies.

Yes, this truck may have more options than a menu at Village Inn, but don’t let its Babylonian luxury fool you. It may have you feeling richer than a Russian Czar but it is about as tameable as a rogue wave and will chew you up and spit you out if you do not give it the respect it commands. But command it you will, and respect you will have because this truck is intimidating. Corvettes, Challengers and other gutless vehicles scurry out of its way, even when it’s in the slow lane. The pilot car in construction sites escorts it through immediately, even when it’s the only vehicle in line. It can out run the cops in 2nd gear, and does. It will park in a handicap space, then tow the tow-truck away. It will be the best man at your wedding, sleep with your bride, and never call her again. Yeah, it’s that bad.

If you like the looks of this truck but don’t think that is worth every bit of $45,000, then do not bother calling. Because this truck is the lovechild of Optimus Prime and Kit from knight Rider and if you don’t recognize its true potential, than you do not deserve to be at the helm of such an almighty machine.

Skip the dealership, all you will get there is a long-winded sales pitch. . … For more information email, call, or text Caitlin 907-398-XXXX

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Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sheets

Want the look of a carbon fiber hood, but don’t want to pony up the bucks for the real deal?  A hot trend we have spotted in the aftermarket is Carbon Fiber Sheets being sold to you crazy car guys to pimp out your rides.  Great deals can be had, just make sure you stick with a well known seller with good feedback…

Applied just like vinyl car wraps, you can heat up and bend around curved body panels, cut it with a razor blade and get the killer look you desire.  Check out the auctions below from the top seller on eBay for ideas on where to use this carbon fiber wrap… Or click here for a complete listing.



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